An essential area of the practice of law is the art of resolving disputes.  Not all relationships (whether business or personal) work out, and when disputes arise, the parties need effective counsel.  At Toews & Murphy we are committed to resolving disputes in a timely and efficient manner.  We are also particularly qualified to do so, whether the resolution occurs in a conference room or a Court room.


the resolution of disputes by Judge and Jury

Chris Toews is a veteran of the estate planning and probate arena, and holds two related California Bar Certifications.  When matters arise in Probate Court, Chris has the expertise and experience to get the job done.


the resolution of disputes by private Arbitrator

Binding arbitration is a process similar to a court trial without a jury, resulting in a final and binding resolution.  Non-binding arbitration is typically Court ordered, and results in an Award that can be rejected by either side.  Whether participating in binding or non-binding arbitration, trial skills will come into play.  The calling of witnesses and the presentation of evidence is integral to arbitration. Both Chris Toews and Ann Colville Murphy have represented clients in arbitration proceedings, and bring their particular expertise to this area of practice.


negotiation and advocacy meet common sense

Sometimes it just plain makes sense to put aside the issues of who is “right” and who is “wrong”, and work towards a practical settlement.  Mediation provides an off the record forum for litigants to do just that.  Generally mediation is conducted by a neutral person, most commonly a retired Judge, or an experienced attorney.  At Toews & Murphy we are committed to prompt and efficient dispute resolution, and are well qualified to serve our client’s needs in mediation. Chris Toews has decades of dispute resolution and business experience as a former Citibank Vice President. Ann Colville Murphy is an experienced corporate attorney who has the perspective of corporate structure and business acumen.

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