-While nonprofits can legally merge, the process is different than the merger of a for-profit corporation; in fact, the merger requirements vary depending on the type of nonprofit that is intending to merge and these provisions are set forth in various sections of the California Corporations Code. To help make things less confusing, the nonprofit… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Attorneys for Nonprofits Take the Mystery Out of Merging Nonprofits

Effective January 1, 2021, California law temporarily exempts limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships from paying California’s $800 minimum franchise tax for their first year of operation. The corporate attorneys from San Luis Obispo’s Toews Law Group, Inc., report that this exemption significantly reduces the start-up costs associated with creating certain business… Continue Reading State of California provides franchise tax relief for new businesses ventures

-On March 11, after weeks of debate, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 into law, which among other assistance, provides significant benefits to small businesses and qualifying nonprofits. The business attorneys from Toews Law Group, Inc. have summarized what these benefits mean to small businesses on the California Central Coast. In… Continue Reading Small business assistance available from the American Rescue Plan Act

Although churches may receive maintain tax-exempt status through the IRS, this does not mean they are exempt from all taxes. The attorneys for nonprofits at San Luis Obispo’s Toews Law Group, Inc. have highlighted certain compliance concerns that most churches must follow. Churches and most religious organizations may be classified as tax-exempt organizations under Internal… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Attorneys for Nonprofits Highlight Exemptions for California Nonprofit Religious Organizations

“Tax planning” is not the same thing as “avoiding taxes”. Tax planning is a legal estate planning tool that allows individuals to protect earnings and assets during your lifetime, for future generations, and for your estate. Tax planning can be applied to a number of types of taxes including: income tax, property taxes, capital gain… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo estate planning attorneys on the importance of tax planning

Starting off unprepared is one of the leading causes for business failure. Regardless of how small the business it still needs a solid foundation upon which to grow. The business law attorneys at San Luis Obispo’s Toews Law Group, Inc. have a few considerations and tips for new business owners to consider, to avoid common… Continue Reading Legal considerations for business startups: Tips from the San Luis Obispo business law attorneys

-A living will, or Advanced Health Care Directive (AHCD), is an important document for every adult, regardless of the value of the estate. The attorneys at Toews Law Group, Inc., providing counsel about living wills in San Luis Obispo have released a report to help you realize the important role an AHCD plays in your… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Attorneys Release ‘Why Every Adult Needs a Living Will’

-Ideally, partnership agreements are reviewed at set times, such as annually or bi-annually, as defined in the original agreement. There are also other events that meant it’s time review the partnership agreements and the business attorneys from San Luis Obispo’s Toews Law Group, Inc. have recently released some tips to help business partners conduct productive… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Attorneys Release the Report ‘Is it Time to Review Your Partnership Agreement?’

The San Luis Obispo business attorneys from Toews Law Group, Inc. have extensive experience with helping new and established businesses navigate a variety of business issues. There can come a time when a business needs to raise extra capital. Those times can include: Start-up funding Capital for expansion such as acquiring new equipment, growing a… Continue Reading Raising capital with the least risk

Charities and other nonprofits face an ongoing job of raising funds to finance their mission and operations. The more potential donors an organization reaches, the more potential there is for meeting the budget and raising money for special projects. Fundraising is hard work, sending solicitation letters, planning and staging fundraising events, keeping in touch with… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo attorneys for nonprofits summarize the pros and cons of using professional fundraisers for your nonprofit

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