-Giving to favorite causes, churches, colleges, or other qualified charitable organizations is very meaningful to many. Including charitable giving in an estate plan helps assure that chosen causes or institutions are  going to continue to benefit when you pass on or become incapacitated and the San Luis Obispo estate planning attorneys at Toews Law Group,… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Estate Planning Firm Announces Strategies for Including Charitable Giving In Estate Plans

-A living will, or Advanced Health Care Directive (AHCD), is an important document for every adult, regardless of the value of the estate. The attorneys at Toews Law Group, Inc., providing counsel about living wills in San Luis Obispo have released a report to help you realize the important role an AHCD plays in your… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Attorneys Release ‘Why Every Adult Needs a Living Will’

-Ideally, partnership agreements are reviewed at set times, such as annually or bi-annually, as defined in the original agreement. There are also other events that meant it’s time review the partnership agreements and the business attorneys from San Luis Obispo’s Toews Law Group, Inc. have recently released some tips to help business partners conduct productive… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Attorneys Release the Report ‘Is it Time to Review Your Partnership Agreement?’

The San Luis Obispo business attorneys from Toews Law Group, Inc. have extensive experience with helping new and established businesses navigate a variety of business issues. There can come a time when a business needs to raise extra capital. Those times can include: Start-up funding Capital for expansion such as acquiring new equipment, growing a… Continue Reading Raising capital with the least risk

Charities and other nonprofits face an ongoing job of raising funds to finance their mission and operations. The more potential donors an organization reaches, the more potential there is for meeting the budget and raising money for special projects. Fundraising is hard work, sending solicitation letters, planning and staging fundraising events, keeping in touch with… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo attorneys for nonprofits summarize the pros and cons of using professional fundraisers for your nonprofit

Corporations offer limited liability protection, so shareholders (owners) are typically not personally responsible for business debts and liabilities. This is true whether it is taxed as a C corporation or an S corporation. Deciding between an S or a C corporation is not always a simple matter. The San Luis Obispo corporate law attorneys from… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo corporate law attorney explains the differences between S and C corporations?

At some point, when starting a new business, you need to decide on a business structure, or an entity type. The key considerations are which structure is going to give your business the best legal protection and the best tax benefits. The two most common legal entities are a corporation and a Limited Liability Corporation… Continue Reading What are the differences between a corporation and an LLC?

Business can be interrupted for any reason from a temporary power outage from a storm, to major damage by a natural disaster, an economic downturn or, as in recent months, a pandemic. As a rule, business interruptions are unexpected but some can be predicted. Economic downturns can often be predicted and living in earthquake country… Continue Reading Advantages of a business continuation plan

Whether your Advanced Health Care Directive (AHCD—also known as a “living will”) is part of your estate plan or a the only estate planning document you have in place, it needs to be reviewed on a regular basis. The estate planning and trust attorneys at San Luis Obispo’s Toews Law Group, Inc., recommend reviewing your… Continue Reading How often should you review your Advanced Health Care Directive?

A well written agreement between you and your business partners is critical in protecting your business, yourself and your family, and your partners and their families. The business and tax attorneys at San Luis Obispo’s Toews Law Group, Inc. have vast knowledge and experience in drafting well written partnership agreements. No matter how much you… Continue Reading What to include in a partnership agreement

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