–Avoiding bankruptcy requires strong fundamental business planning and practices especially at the beginning to establish a strong business foundation. The business attorneys from San Luis Obispo’s Toews Law Group, Inc., have prepared a list of tips to help business owners avoid some of the leading pitfalls that can lead to bankruptcy. The top mistakes that… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Business Attorneys from Toews Law Group, Inc. Release Tips To Help Avoid Bankruptcy

The San Luis Obispo business attorneys at Toews Law Group, Inc. believe that having as much information as possible before committing to a new business works in the buyer’s best interest. Acquiring a business is an investment in the future. It’s important to make sure the business you are considering is on solid ground financially… Continue Reading What to look for when buying a business

Although a handshake remains a gesture of good faith about an agreement or a promise, not formalizing such an agreement in writing may become a huge mistake. Handshake agreements often lend themselves to uncertainty and misunderstanding. What one person may remember the terms of an agreement to be another may remember differently. The San Luis… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Attorneys From Toews Law Group, Inc. Release The Report, ‘Why A Contract Is Better Than A Handshake’

Charitable affiliates are often formed by businesses as a means for conducting charitable activities that support the founding organization’s community and social causes. Toews Law Group, Inc., attorneys for nonprofits in San Luis Obispo, CA, are well versed and experienced in helping businesses organize charitable affiliates. In California, the term “charities” applies to tax-exempt, nonprofit… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Attorneys For Nonprofits, Toews Law Group, Inc., Helps Businesses Organize Charitable Affiliates

There are many different reasons why you may want to establish a trust – probate avoidance; preserving assets for beneficiaries; creditor protection; legally minimizing estate tax obligations, etc., however, the most often cited reason for establishing a trust is peace of mind. There are several different types of estate planning tools, including many different types… Continue Reading Are there different kinds of trusts and which is right for me?

When setting up an estate plan, the first thing you need to determine is how will your assets be managed and distributed to your beneficiaries if you have no will or only a will on the date you die and whether you are satisfied with what will happen in that case. Many people are surprised… Continue Reading How can I make sure my will is enforced?

The corporate law attorneys at the San Luis Obispo Toews Law Firm, Inc. would like to clear up some of the questions business owners have about offering stock and shares in their businesses. Shareholders own a corporation and shareholders are holders of stock. Stock represents the percentage interest each shareholder owns in a corporation. For… Continue Reading What is stock and how many shares should be authorized or issued?

Business insurance is one of the most important expenses a business should have. However, what type of insurance and how much coverage is needed should be evaluated based on your individual business structure and purpose. As your business grows or ages, the types and coverage amounts may change and thus, the topic of insurance should… Continue Reading What kind of insurance do I need for my business?

There are many reasons a board of directors decides to dissolve a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, some of the more common reasons include: The nonprofit has accomplished what it was formed to do The organization can no longer support itself financially The nonprofit has lost standing in the community Legal issues Regardless of the reason,… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo attorneys for nonprofits summarize the steps for dissolving a California nonprofit

A business succession plan defines what will happen to the business and who will be selected to operate your business when you retire or if or when something unexpected happens to you or your co-owners. Long gone are the days of assuming one of your children, relatives, or loyal employee is going to step in… Continue Reading Do you need a business succession plan?

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