The San Luis Obispo attorneys for nonprofits corporations at Toews Law Group, Inc. are well versed in the rules, regulations, and procedures in establishing nonprofit organizations in California that qualify for tax-exempt status at the state and federal level. Nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations come in many different shapes and sizes. In fact, there are actually… Continue Reading San Luis Obispo Attorneys For Nonprofits Provide Guidance For Setting Up A California Nonprofit Organization

–The trust attorneys at San Luis Obispo Toews Law Group, Inc. believe that understanding the difference between an executor and a trustee is important to help people during the estate planning process. An executor is a person or institution, such as a bank, who is nominated under a person’s Will to carry out the terms… Continue Reading What is the difference between an executor and a trustee?

–Not to be confused with a living trust, a living will, or Advanced Health Care Directive (AHCD) is a legal document that appoints a health care agent (also known as an attorney-in-fact or proxy) to make medical decisions for you if you become unable to make such decisions due to incapacity, including end of life… Continue Reading How a living will helps with medical decisions

– A business name not only represents the products and services a company provides, the name also represents the goodwill and community support that you, the owner, are bringing to the public. It is important that your business name is protected from infringement and misrepresentation. It is also important that your business name be unique… Continue Reading Reasons to protect your business name

Yes! With proper pre-death estate planning, probate can and should be avoided. A will alone will not necessarily avoid probate. Toews Law Group, Inc. can guide you through the process of avoiding probate in San Luis Obispo County or elsewhere in California to make certain that your assets are distributed according to your wishes following… Continue Reading Can I avoid probate?

The end goal of any estate plan is to distribute the client’s assets in a timely and cost-efficient manner consistent with their wishes. In order for this process to be fair and efficient, it is important for a client to thoroughly examine who should be selected to serve as one’s trustee when the client cannot… Continue Reading Who should you designate as your successor trustee?

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