Since the key assets of our clients often consist of real property, preparation of grant deeds, change of ownership statements and other documentation related to real property transfers is integral to our business and estate practices. We also advise on tax aspects of real estate transfers, exchanges and refinancing.

Real estate matters we routinely handle also include all of the following:

  • Real estate purchases and sales;
  • Commercial and residential lease and rental agreements;
  • Co-ownership agreements of all kinds, including equity share agreements;
  • Joint venture agreements for real estate development projects;
  • Special-purpose entities (LLCs, partnerships) designed to conduct real estate development and operation activities, or to facilitate non-recourse financing of commercial projects;
  • Tax-deferred exchanges;
  • Real estate financing transactions, including non-recourse transactions for commercial properties.


In keeping with our general policy of undertaking representation only where we are best qualified for the work, we do not ordinarily undertake representation in matters involving land use entitlements (zoning change applications, subdivision map applications, etc.) or which require approval by the California Department of Real Estate.

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