Attorneys for Nonprofits

Attorney for Nonprofits in San Luis Obispo

As attorneys for nonprofits in San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast of California, Toews Law Group, Inc. serves as counsel to dozens of nonprofit organizations, ranging from family foundations to amateur sports leagues. We also represent nonprofit service businesses such as a company organized to employ developmentally disabled persons.

As attorneys for nonprofits in San Luis Obispo, part of our estate planning practice is to counsel families on setting up family foundations, both for income tax planning and as a way to provide ongoing family management of assets devoted to charitable purposes. We also counsel clients on alternatives to a family foundation, including donor advised funds with the local community foundation, grant agreements with existing charitable organizations and other arrangements.

If you are an officer or director of a charitable group, we can provide advice and counsel on many legal, tax and management issues, such as how to structure the Board of Directors between fundraising and program-oriented directors, how to set up an executive committee, how to acknowledge donor contributions and how to find reasonable liability insurance for Board members.

Several businesses, service clubs and trade organizations have come to us to organize charitable affiliates, which are charitable organizations that are organized and controlled by a business, service club or a trade group to receive charitable donations or carry out the charitable activities of the founding organization.

We also counsel charitable clients on the formation of for-profit subsidiaries, which allow them to carry on profitable activities that contribute to their support, but which might also jeopardize their tax exemptions if carried on directly and not established properly.

As in other areas of our practice, we try to be sure that the work we do as attorneys for nonprofits in San Luis Obispo and throughout California is promptly delivered and reasonably priced. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our capabilities in this area with you or your board at a mutually convenient time.