Toews Law Group, Inc.

Our goal is to provide clients with the best service available at a competitive price in each of our practice areas.

Our strategies for accomplishing this are

  • To provide services in the areas where we have the background, facilities and expertise to do a superior job
  • To refer or collaborate with others on matters where the client’s interests are best served by enlisting resources other than our own
  • To make as much use as possible of current technology to produce work in an efficient, consistent manner
  • To establish a flat fee or a fee budget and a delivery schedule for every assignment
  • To test every office policy and procedure against the standard of whether it does (or does not) contribute to the quality of our client service

Our offices are located in San Luis Obispo, on California’s beautiful central coast.

Our lawyers have been rated “AV” (highest) by the national law firm directory, Martindale-Hubbell. According to a letter from Martindale, “The AV rating, which identifies a lawyer with very high to preeminent legal ability, is a reflection of your expertise, experience, integrity and overall professional excellence. Our ratings, established by attorneys for attorneys, clearly indicate you demonstrate the highest professional and ethical standards.”

Although we are proud of such ratings from our peers, the reviews we value the most come from our clients. Nearly all of our new assignments come from existing clients and their accounting firms, financial advisors and other law offices, and client service is our number one priority.