Tax Attorney San Luis Obispo

Tax Attorney in San Luis Obispo

Our tax services consist primarily of tax advice rendered in connection with advice in our other areas of practice.

With the exception of estate or gift tax returns (Forms 706/709) Toews Law Group, Inc. does not prepare tax returns or represent clients in field-level audits. As tax attorneys based in San Luis Obispo, we do, however, advise accountants and other tax preparers on the reporting of specific transactions for income tax purposes. We may assist with IRS appeals and tax court petitions in appropriate cases.

Federal, state and local tax laws are complex and touch every aspect of our lives. Structuring businesses, estates, trusts and nonprofits is important for minimizing tax liability and still being compliant with the law. Not choosing the appropriate legal structure for a business can translate to unnecessary tax burdens on the profits of the business. On the other side, claiming inappropriate deductions or other tax benefits can result in audits, penalties, and additional taxes. Even innocent mistakes can have very inconvenient and expensive consequences.

We want to take the time with you in the beginning to make sure your business or estate is set up for the most taxation benefits. We are also pleased to take the time to help you restructure your business or revisit your trusts and estate plans.

Charitable organizations are generally exempt from income tax but may be taxable on certain types of income and have special and have tax reporting requirements. The type of nonprofit organization or foundation you establish determines what you can do without risking your tax exemption and how the organization must report to the taxing authorities. Working with Toews Law Group, Inc. tax attorneys in San Luis Obispo helps you understand the tax obligations as well as other financial obligations associated with operating a nonprofit organization and fulfilling the nonprofit’s mission.

We are happy to answer your questions and to meet with you in person for a deeper look into your tax related issues.