Business Law San Luis Obispo

Business Law – San Luis Obispo

Life is full of surprises and so is operating a business. Despite establishing the best foundation to set up and grow your business, something unexpected is most likely going to happen. Toews Law Group, Inc. provides expert assistance for business law in San Luis Obispo.

That “something” that happens is not necessarily negative. What if you have a business opportunity that you cannot pass up? How can you move forward in any number of situations and opportunities and still protect your business? Toews Law Group, Inc. is a team of experts in business law in San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast. They offer a complete range of business services.

The business law services that Toews Law Group, Inc. provides include:

  • Preparing and negotiating contracts, and other legal documents, such as manufacturing and vendor contracts, independent contractor agreements, sales agreements, partnership agreements, legal correspondence and any other documents and forms you need to conduct and protect your business. State and local governments sometimes require that certain licenses and notifications be on display in your business. We can help you identify the required licenses and notices and make sure you know where to get them.
  • Articles of Incorporation are part of establishing a legal business entity, such as a corporation, LLC or a non-profit, but how do you modify the Articles of Incorporation? When is it necessary to modify them? Toews Law Group, Inc. can review the Articles of Incorporation and advise you about the needed modifications, if any.   
  • Partnership agreements sometimes need to be revisited. What if there is the opportunity to bring in a new partner? What if your current partnership agreement is no longer serving the best interest of the partnership? What if someone wants out?  Toews Law Group, Inc. can help you create a partnership agreement, or change or dissolve an existing partnership.
  • What happens when one or more owners wants to sell? How should the business be sold and what legal form of transaction will best serve their business and tax objectives? Would a merger or stock sale be satisfactory or would an asset sale be better? If the transaction is other than all cash, how do we secure our client’s right to be paid?